My Job Interview Advice…

Following on from a recent post I put up on the updated DIT MA in PR website I got to thinking about last year when I was on the job hunt. I was anxious to work in Dublin over the summer while doing my thesis. So with that in mind I applied for a few jobs and thus the interview cycle started! I’m gonna have to say, clichéd and all as it sounds, with the rejection and false job offers I actually learned a lot, both about myself and also snagging jobs!

One of the most important things I ever learned came from a second round interview I had with an unnamed multinational.

The first interview went swimmingly and I got called back for numero deux. The job entailed a lot of presentation work and they were keen to see potential applicants in action.

So there I was on a random Tuesday morning; suited and booted, two USBs with my presentation on them (in case one USB exploded!) and 10 copies of my presentation for the 4 person interview panel (… just in case other people heard I was presenting and wanted to see me!)

So I went in, gave the usual pleasantries for the all female panel. NOTE. ALL FEMALE. Small bit of chit chat, then the main event began.

I started nervous, trying to remember all those things you’re supposed to remember, eye contact, tone,  solid gesticulation but not excessive.  But steadily got into the flow of things.

As I was going along getting into it I was distracted by the lead interviewer. At the time the whole notion of the “cougar” was gaining popularity and I was absolutely convinced that this “cougar” was checking me out! I did my best to brush it off but she was continually looking at my crotchular region and it was very disconcerting.

The presentation came to an end and as I was walking down to my seat I did a cheeky fly check behind a talk chair. The “cougar” busted me! What could I do? All I did was offer my smile and try laugh it off. My exact words were,  “My fly has been been down the whole time hasn’t it?”

The “cougar” smiled lasciviously (at least in my mind she did) and said “Yes, yes it has.”

Needless to say I didn’t get the job but I walked away from that interview with the most important thing to remember in any professional environment.

Always make sure your fly is up.


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