Teddy Goff, Director of Digital for Obama 2012 at DMX Dublin

I was lucky enough to attend DMX Dublin this year and the standout speaker of the day was Teddy Goff. Teddy Goff was the Digital Director for President Obama’s 2012 campaign. In that capacity, he oversaw a team of more than 200 people nationwide, who collectively raised more than $690 million, registered more than a million voters online, built Facebook and Twitter followings of more than 45 and 33 million people respectively, generated more than 133 million video views, ran the largest online advertising program in political history, built groundbreaking tools for online fundraising and campaigning, and organized hundreds of thousands of volunteers and events through their proprietary organizing platform, Dashboard. As a member of campaign leadership, he also played a critical role in developing and executing the broader campaign’s strategy for fundraising, organizing, and communications.

Teddy’s presentation was enthralling. He likened the whole experience to building a billion dollar start-up that was designed to go out of business within 19 months.

Watch it here:

Here’s the video he played in the presentation. Watch it:

DMX Dublin was run by The Marketing Institute, the professional body for marketing people and the voice of marketing in Ireland for the last 50 years. As part of its core mission, The Marketing Institute develops and delivers educational solutions to empower, facilitate and inform marketers to enable them to anticipate and respond to change and opportunity in the business arena in an informed and considered manner.


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