GUEST POST: DIT PRPA Society Annual Conference 2016

This post is from DIT PRPA’s Claire Rowley, Clara Tobin and Michelle Duffy


‘Leveraging Social Media in Public Relations and Public Affairs’

The DIT PRPA Society are hosting their annual PR conference on Friday, 22nd April 2016 in The Courtyard, DIT Aungier Street. From 11am – 5pm ‘Leveraging Social Media in Public Relations and Public Affairs’ will address how various sectors of public relations and media are utilising social media, with guest speakers sharing their insights into how social media is constantly changing the landscape of communications.

Organised by DIT PRPA’s Claire Rowley, Clara Tobin and Michelle Duffy, the team want to create discussion on key topics concerning the PR industry. These concerns include social media strategy, creative content and social media evaluation. The organisers have gathered an impressive line-up of high profile digital influencers and social media experts from the world of advertising, entertainment, current affairs, consumer and corporate PR which include:

  • Snapchat star James Kavanagh
  • Elevate PR’s Managing Director Emma Kelly
  • Edward Melvin, Digital Strategy Director at Publicis Dublin
  • Martyn Rosney, Account Director, Edelman
  • Cassie Delaney, Features Editor,, Maximum Media Network
  • Jenny Hauser, Social Media Journalist, Storyful

The conference is open to all students, graduates, interns and especially public relations professionals interested in networking and gaining insights into the role social media has in driving results. Social media is constantly changing and we are all learning how to adapt to these changes and mould ourselves into new ways of thinking. This gathering is a perfect opportunity to gain new perspectives and insights into how our competitors are using social media to their advantage.

For more information and tickets, visit Eventbrite :

Hopefully this will be an event that will spark a wider discussion.


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