Easy way to get a few hundred euro tax back for PR professionals


Standard flat rate expense allowances are set by Revenue for various classes of employee, for example, shop workers are granted flat rate expenses of €121 per year and bar trade employees get €97 per annum. Nurses who supply and launder their own uniforms can claim a deduction of €733.

Those working in PR in Ireland are entitled to Flat Rate Expenses back up to €381 per year. You don’t automatically get the flat rate expense tax deduction; you have to claim it. Once you confirm you are in a type of qualifying employment you can get it and you can go back four years for your refund.

  • Go onto PAYE anytime. https://www.ros.ie/myaccount-web (You’ll need your PPSN, your date of birth and your Revenue password)
  • Under the PAYE services tab click: (Review your tax 2013-2016 (Form 12 or End of year statement (P21))
  • For 2016, click the “Submit” button on the Form 12 row
  • On the next page click the “Continue” button
  • Ensure all your details are correct on the Personal Details then click “Continue”
  • Click “Continue” on the PAYE income page
  • Click “Continue” on the Non-PAYE income page
  • The Tax Credits & Reliefs page is where you have the option
  • In the “Flat Rate Expenses” tab press the pencil icon to edit your credit
  • Under the “Industry or Employment Category” drop down menu select: “Journalism”
  • Under the “Profession” drop down menu select: “Journalist (including P.R. journalists)”
  • Press the “Update” button
  • Then tick all the boxes and press the “Continue” button at the bottom of the “Flat Rate Expenses” tab
  • On the final tab click the declaration box and press “Continue”
  • Repeat the above process for all years you have been working in the industry.

Spend it well!


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